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MotionTrak™ monitors position and velocity of postural sway.

State-of-the-Art Technology

  • Fall Risk Assessment
  • Diagnostic Screening
  • Monitor Rehabilitation

As many as half of your patients older than 50 years may have a balance problem. Experts now assert that falling is not an inevitable consequence of aging. In fact, two-thirds of all falls are preventable.

According to the guideline for the Prevention of Falls published by the American Geriatric Society, All physicians should assess older patients for fall risks.

Two light weight SENSOR PACKETS


MotionTrak™ measures your patient’s ability to balance by evaluating the interaction among the visual, vestibular, and somatosensory systems. Test results predict which of your patients are at risk for falling and help you decide what is the best treatment choice for each patient


* A notebook computer and printer provided with the system.

MotionTrak™ Test Trials

  • 20 second epochs
  • 4 channels of postural sway data

MotionTrak™ Protocol Test Procedure Protocols

  • Eyes open firm surface
  • Eyes closed firm surface
  • Eyes open foam surface
  • Eyes closed foam surface
  • Romberg eyes open
  • Romberg eyes closed


Results of the test worn on the back and
head of one patient:

A composite score is calculated for both the
back and the head.

equilibrium scores 400x200

Time Plots for all Conditions:

time plots400x298

Time plots are generated for each test condition. One graph is created for the back sensor and another graph is created for the head sensor.

The red lines represent the Roll position and the blue lines represent the Pitch position.

Roll vs Pitch Plots:

Roll vs Pitch plots are generated
for the back sensor and the head sensor.